We’re all grown-ups so why don’t we get some weird looking jugs, drink alcohol out of them, eat food and be loud until we can’t anymore?

Step 1:

Acquire tankard

Find and acquire a tankard (or goblet if you like). This is your ticket and will gain you entry. Leave it with us for next time and you’ll get free entry and a tankard (or goblet) from the ever-growing collection.


Step 2:

Acquire fancy drink

Find and acquire some fancy beer (or wine if you like). Why not get some weird strong shit? It’s a big occasion after all. We’ll provide some booze, but it’s a group effort.


Step 3:

Tell us what dates you can do

I’ve told a bunch of you about this, so fill in the doodle

Don’t worry if you can’t make this one, there’ll be another one if it’s any good (if it’s not you didn’t miss out).


Step 4:

Come along, eat food, drink drink, get merry


We’ll make some food, BIG hearty food, there’ll be a place to go to too (probably our house in Brixton, but we’ll find somewhere bigger in London if demand is high). All you need to do is bring your tankard (or goblet) and your drink to the location then drink, eat, make noise, enjoy.